We have to ask ourselves: What is the “I” that forms the basis to our relationships?

Why are these increasingly complex and less authentic?

Why does confusion arise over gender identity?

What is the foundation of the family?

What kind of society are we preparing for future generations?

What are the pitfalls that threaten personal and social life?

These pages offer a unique opportunity to uncover the answers to the most pressing problems of personal, family, and social life. 

Christianity has something great and precious to offer everyone, both Christians and non-Christians alike. This, we must recover and discover anew, and make known through a new evangelization. But why is the Our Father our starting point? Precisely because its words contain the blueprint for our life and survival: the knowledge and beauty of the human being, the family and the way of living in society.

The detailed in-depth explanation, word by word, of the magnificent prayer that Our Lord has taught us, opens up new horizons and marks out a great path for us to follow to renew ourselves in mind and heart, and to unearth, in the roots, those answers that we would otherwise never find.

Indeed, it is Jesus Christ who has given and entrusted us with these answers in the Our Father.

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